The Department of Computer Engineering offers the Master of Science (MSc) degree in Computer and Network Engineering.

  • Computer Engineering and Network Engineering are among the fastest-growing fields worldwide and they attract a growing number of students.
  • Computer and Network Engineering involves deep knowledge of hardware architecture and software development.
  • The students learn to utilize new technologies related to computers and networks, as well as embedded computing systems, such as those found in smartphones, wearable devices, computer networks and the internet-of-things.
  • Project-oriented courses and laboratories expose students to modern computer-aided design tools for hardware and software design.
  • The students master the art of writing comprehensive technical reports and giving successful oral presentations.


The main goals of this program are:

  • to advance the knowledge of student and develop research skills in scientific areas related to the Computer and Network Engineering fields.
  • to update and enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals already working in the fields of Computer Engineering and Network Engineering in order to face challenges in the ever evolving fields of Computer Engineering and Network Engineering.

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